Gray striped background with Orange Banner across the top featuring an easel/Art, Gears/Robotics & Engineering, Tools/FFA, Powerlifting icon, and pot/Culinary Arts and the text "Colby High School Electives Open House, CHS Commons Area, Monday, May 2nd, 6-8:00pm"
Green Grass with a white tee and golf ball and the text "CHS Boys Golf @ Hays High School postponed to Monday, May 9th."
Grey background with baseball in lower right hand corner with Colby Power Eagle Logo and the text "Colby High School @ Syracuse 04/29 Varsity Baseball has been cancelled" in white.
White background with two horizontal black lines and high school students in the foreground.  Text reads, "The Colby Eagle Talon"
Orange stripe across middle of white background. Computer with checklist in front with white text, "Parent Survey"
White Background with orange border at top and bottom and black text "The Weekly Eagle Bulletin"
An orange track at a shallow focal stop with the text, "Colby High School @ Holcomb 04/22 Track Meet CHS will not be attending."
Black background with softball in shadow with text, "Colby High School @ Stanton Co-Johnson Varsity Softball has been postponed."
Tennis ball next to white line on tennis court with the text "Colby High School @ Phillipsburg 04/22 Varsity Tennis has been postponed"
White Variegated Background with Orange Shadowed Music Staff and the text, "CHS Music Presents Annual Spring Concert"
Calendar Icon on Grey Circle with Colby Power Eagle Logo and the text "2022-2023 Year-at-a-Glance Calendar Available
Volleyball Players celebrating on the court with criss-crossing  white, orange, and black layers, Eagle Volleyball Logo, and the text "Volleyball Parent/Player Meeting
Golf ball almost in the hole on the green with the text, "Tuesday, April 12th JV Golf Postponed TBA"
Colby Logo with text "The Weekly Eagle Bulletin" on a white background.
March 2022 CHS Students of the Month on a white circle with an orange and black outline with a black eagle silhouette.
Thursday, April 7th JV Golf Cancelled Today on a golf green background.
Thursday, April 7th @ Burlington, CO Baseball has been postponed on a wooden table with a bat and ball.
Thursday, April 7th @ Johnson - Stanton County Softball has been postponed to Friday, April 22nd - 4:00 PM on white background with yellow softball.
Colby Middle and High School Track & Field reschedule from Thursday, April 7th to Friday, April 8th white text in front of an orange track with white lines.
Colby High School @ Scott City 04/07 Varsity Tennis has been rescheduled with same schedule on Friday, April 8th