Stair case with characteristics to build a career including skill, interest, education, network, strategy, focus, and career.

The Colby Middle School staff has been focusing on incorporating the Individual Plan of Study (IPS) Process with students in an effort to offer them support and encouragement as they explore their interests, strengths, and values. They have been learning how those might connect to their future career exploration and/or opportunities.

On February 23, 2022, our 7th-grade students have an exciting opportunity to attend a Career Fair hosted by the Colby Middle School IPS team at the Colby Event Center. We are excited to help our students learn about lots of amazing career and academic opportunities within our community, as many businesses/educational programs have been invited to help students learn and explore.

Students will be transported to the Event Center by school bus which will require a mask. They will be at the Event Center from 9:00-11:00 am.

Students will have the opportunity to visit a total of 6 career areas. We ask that students consider dressing nice, yet casual. The school dress code still applies to this event. Thank you so much for allowing your student to experience this Career Fair with CMS. We are looking forward to exploring all of the possibilities with them.

Karen L. Sullivan, LMSW
Colby Middle School Social Worker

Chris Gardner
Colby Middle School Principal