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The Colby Grade School/Middle School Parent Teacher Organization is merging Donuts with Dudes & Muffins with Mom into ONE event this year!

Donuts with Grown-ups

You're invited to join PTO for a morning filled with Donuts, Juice, Milk, and precious moments with your little one before school and your hectic day begins.

On Wednesday, September 27th, this special morning will take place in the CMS Cafeteria.  Please enter through the glassed-in-corridor doors at the Middle School.

Grown-ups with 2nd thru 4th Grades, plan to come from 7:00 - 7:25 am.
Grown-ups with  Pre-K/Head Start thru 1st Grade,  plan to come from 7:25 - 7:50 am.

If you have children in both age groups, please feel free to come at either designated time.  

There is NO CHARGE for this event.  

Thank you for helping PTO make this a special day for your students!