A preteen girl standing in front of a green chalkboard with the text "Welcome Back! a Letter from the Superintendent"

Greetings from Colby Public Schools to you and your family!

We wanted to take a moment to say “Hello!” We miss all of our students when they are not here, and we are looking forward to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

We hope to visit with you soon to see if you need anything from us or if we can assist you in any way. You can always call us at (785) 460-5000 if there is anything you need or if you have any questions for us.

Our plans for the 2023-2024 school year are coming together, and we are excited for and very much looking forward to the first day of school on August 17, 2023. In continued partnership with our Colby Public Schools students, staff, and families, we will continue to focus on several areas during this upcoming school year:

  • Safety and Security: Our number one priority each and every day is that students, staff, and visitors are safe at school. We will continue to use our existing procedures, and we will continuously review and modify, as necessary, any of our procedures, protocols, and practices to ensure that we maximize school safety and security.
  • Social and Emotional Supports: We know that establishing and continuing to strengthen our trusting relationships with students and families is a critical and foundational step to helping our students learn. We will continue to be mindful of and act upon the social and emotional needs of students, staff, and families. 
  • Attendance and Engagement: We will continue to be committed to working closely with students and families, and we want our schools to continue to be places where students and staff have fun, thrive, and look forward to learning each day.
  • Communication with Families: We enjoy sharing our successes with families, and we want to hear from you as well regarding your thoughts about successes and challenges. 
  • Curriculum and Instruction: We will continue to plan fun and exciting instruction for each subject area using Kansas Standards. Working together as partners, we can absolutely minimize and/or eliminate any learning loss that may be impacting our students. 
  • Evaluation of Learning: We will continue to gather reasonable amounts of data and information about your child(ren) through observations, questioning techniques, and discussions, along with more formal assessments or tests. Combined, this information will continue to tell us what your child(ren) knows and can do, as well as how much they are growing and achieving. 
  • District KESA Plan: We will continue to focus on the strategic goals set to achieve growth on Kansas State Board Outcomes at district, building, and classroom level.

On behalf of Colby Public Schools, we look forward to seeing you soon. Please continue to have a great summer, and please let us know if there is anything that you need or if you have any questions.

Katina Brenn
Colby Public Schools Superintendent